Council is the governing body of the Institution of Chemical Engineers. Members of Council are Trustees for the Charity. View Council members >>

As a direct outcome from the "Footprint" strategy document, the (then) existing Council was streamlined in 2001, and currently comprises 16 members, excluding IChemE executive staff who look after the interests of members and of the profession.

Honorary Officers: 

  • President
  • Deputy President
  • Immediate Past President
  • Honorary Treasurer  


Elected members:

  • Four elected members (one elected per year, for a four year term)


Co-opted members:

  • Not more than seven co-opted members, including:
    • Vice President (Qualifications)
    • Vice President (Technical)
    • Vice President (Australia)
    • Vice President (International)
    • representatives from countries comprising more than 10% of IChemE's voting membership (this currently applies to the UK and Australia)


Council meets six times a year, and discuss issues such as:

  • Institution Charter and By-laws
  • policies
  • disciplinary matters
  • budgets
  • trading 
  • standing committees
  • buildings/premises
  • accreditation of courses
  • membership issues
  • subscription rates
  • responses to public consultation documents
  • partnerships with other organisations
  • relationships with other Institutions


Where appropriate issues are delegated to IChemE's national Boards in the UK, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and New Zealand.


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IChemE is a registered charity in England & Wales (214379), and a charity registered in Scotland (SC 039661).