Council is the governing body of the Institution of Chemical Engineers. Members of Council are Trustees for the Charity.

Council elections results

The full results of the 2018 Council elections, as confirmed at the AGM on Monday 21 May 2018, are as follows:

Deputy President

Candidate No. of votes Percentage
Andrew Thompson CEng FIChemE 1132 56.8% ELECTED
Max Lu AO FIChemE 861 43.2%  

Vice President (International)

Candidate No. of votes  Percentage   
Thomas White CEng MIChemE 1224 63.4% ELECTED
Michael Cloke CEng FIChemE 708 36.6%

Ordinary Member of Council

Candidate No. of votes Percentage  
Wendy Wilson CEng MIChemE 1106 52.4% ELECTED
Keith Plumb CEng CSci FIChemE 652 30.9% ELECTED
Macsene Isles-Ahite CEng MIChemE 576 27.3% ELECTED
Mark Sutton CEng FIChemE 439 20.8% ELECTED
Peter Hunt CEng FIChemE 392 18.6%
Christopher Chambers CEng FIChemE 319 15.1%
Stefaan Simons CEng FIChemE 318 15.1%
Nigel Hirst CEng FIChemE 301 14.3%
Alan Harper CEng CSci CEnv FIChemE 283 13.4%
Lakshan Saldin CEng FIChemE 258 12.2%
David Edwards CEng CSci FIChemE 251 11.9%
Ian Davies CEng FIChemE 222 10.5%
Brett Mahar CEng MIChemE 203 9.6%
Michael Burcher CEng FIChemE 174 8.3%
Michael Hancock CEng FIChemE 96 4.6%

*The percentage column shows the percentage of members who participated in the ballot who voted for that candidate.

The turnout in this election was 16.6%.

As announced at the AGM, Mr Mark Sutton, who received the fourth highest number of votes in the elections for Ordinary Member, has been co-opted by Council to fill the vacancy caused by Professor Lynn Gladden standing down following her appointment as Executive Chair of EPSRC.


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