Special interest groups

What are special interest groups?

Special interest groups provide multidisciplinary networks for the exchange of ideas and information, steer IChemE's technical positioning on the challenges facing modern society, and forge links with partners across the scientific and engineering communities. They are volunteer-led, and supported by IChemE's staff executive. Membership is open to all IChemE members, and every IChemE member is entitled to join one special interest group free of charge, as part of their membership package.

What do special interest groups do?

Special interest groups offer a diverse range of activities. They facilitate networking; run low-cost technical events and online webinars; organise site visits; publish newsletters; acknowledge excellence in design and research with awards; and provide support to students.

What topics are covered by special interest groups?

Biochemical Engineering 
Clean Energy 
Computer Aided Process Engineering 
Energy Conversion Technology 
Fluid Mixing Processes 
Fluid Separations 
Food & Drink 
Mining & Minerals
Nuclear Technology 
Oil and Natural Gas 
Particle Technology 
Process Management & Control 
Safety & Loss Prevention 

Who is involved in special interest groups?

Special interest groups attract industrialists and academics from around the world and across all grades of IChemE membership – from student and Affiliates at the start of their careers through to Fellows with a wealth of experience.

How do I find out more about becoming a special interest group member?

Visit any of the group's websites for more information about activities and membership, or contact special interest groups

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